Bark containers are one of, if not the oldest way to contain goods, supplies, and even liquids.

In this workshop we will be using methods, materials and knowledge that spans back thousands of years into pre-history. The bark containers we will make on this course are based on the Native American 'Makuk' containers. The Native American examples are usually made with Birch bark, however due to our relativley mild winters here in the UK our Birch bark is unsuitable for the task. We will be using one of our native tree species. Depending on whats available for myself to harvest during the spring this will either be Willow, Lime, Elm, Douglas Fir or Spruce. 


The containers are made by marking out a template, folding and then stitching together with either bark fibres or roots. A rim is made from wood, usually Western Red Cedar and then stitched into the container to finish the project.


The containers are made with wood, bark & roots. A knife & awl are the only tools needed to complete the project.


Each participant will make there own folder bark container to take home at the end of the workshop.


The gathering and harvesting of materials for projects such as this is completly dependant on the seasons. Spring is the time to gather materials, as the sap is running and the bark peels off the tree easily. Every spring I gather, dry and store materials in preparation for courses. All the materials I gather are taken from trees that were due to be cut down for arboricultural reasons, and all come within a few miles of my Dorset home.


Workshops run from 10am till approx 4pm.


All tools & materials are provided.


Tea, Coffee & Snacks will be provided.


Please BringYourOwn Lunch.

Bark Container Workshop


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