In this workshop we will be using methods and materials that span back thousands of years into pre-history to create a beautiful, strong & sustainable containter.


A history of the use of bark, roots & wood, examples of harvesting, storing and working with these materials will lead up to the main task of the day, creating your very own natural tuperware.


The type of container we will make will vary depending on the materials I harvest and have available at the time of the workshop, the main barks used being Willow, Spruce, Douglas Fir, Sweet Chestnut & Birch..


Every spring I gather, dry and store materials in preparation for courses. The one exception to this is Birch bark. Due to our relatively mild winters Birch bark in the UK is usually unsuitable for making into containers. Thankfully, there are many crafts people still active in Northen Europe harvesting and supplying Birch Bark for the uses mentioned above.


There are two different types of container workshop available.


1. 'Native American Makuk' - This style of container is very old, its origins way back in pre-history, and can be made from almost any type of bark. They are folder from a single piece of bark, a wooden rim bent into place, and stitched together with roots or bark thread.


2. 'Birch Bark Canister' - This style of container is possibly my favourite. An ingenuous method of making which involves clever finger tab joints and friction. More fiddly and time consuming than the Makuk, but immensly satisfying.


The pictures above show the many variaties that are possible. Please see the pictures when booking the different workshops to ensure you know which type of container you'll be making!


Workshops to be held at Walford Mill Crafts in Wimborne. 10am till approx 4pm.


All tools & materials are provided. Please Bring Your Own Lunch.

Bark Container Workshop


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