Serving spoon carved from Holm Oak with axe & knife.


This spoon is an absolute beauty. Holm Oak is an unusual wood, a hybrid of Oak & Holly, 'Evergreen Oak' its sometimes called. The wood is dense, tough and durable. Incredibly hard to work by hand. 

Once carving is finished, the spoon is baked in an oven to darken and bring out the amazing 'rays' running through the wood.


A real keeper this one!


Finished with foodsafe flaxseed oil.

Holm Oak Serving Spoon/Ladle

  • These spoons are made for daily use. Treated with care and respct they should last a lifetime.

    Handwash only - No Dishwashers!

    After a time the spoon may need re-oiling to bring back its shiny good looks.... when fully dry coat with a food safe oil such as rapeseed, flaxseed, hempseed or sunflour oil. Avoid olive oil as it has a tendancy to turn rancid.

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