Eating spoon carved with Axe & Knife....


Carved from 'Persian Ironwood' or 'Parrotia Persica'. This wood is rare to come by and extremely difficult to carve. The clue's in the name. A beautiful creamy coloured wood with some 'spalting' creating the darker two-tone effect in the bowl.


This spoon has a slightly deeper bowl than my usual eating spoons, and would do well for soups and stews as much as porridge and cereal.


'Persian Ironwood' Eating Spoon 001

  • These spoons are made for daily use. Treated with care and respct they should last a lifetime.

    Handwash only - No Dishwashers!

    After a time the spoon may need re-oiling to bring back its shiny good looks.... when fully dry coat with a food safe oil such as rapeseed, flaxseed, hempseed or sunflour oil. Avoid olive oil as it has a tendancy to turn rancid.

  • Please note as all my woodenware is made entirely by hand there will always be slight differences between spoons, each one is entirely unique.

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