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What a great day! The setting is wonderful with a nice cafe within 20 steps and a rippling brook too. More importantly the instruction was fantastic - as a secondary school teacher I think a lot about quality instruction and Jack nailed the day in terms of safety, scaffolding the teaching with phased delivery of skills and enough time for practice under his supportive observation.

The teaching was real quality and the advice on suitable tools really useful.His knowledge of his field and enthusiasm is an inspiration.It was almost a two hour drive but I would go again in a heartbeat.He allowed some more experienced students to move on quicker and threw in a sharpening talk and demo for those interested. Highly recommended.


This one day course was given as a birthday gift to my husband and me. Such an interesting and enjoyable day. Jack was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his craft. I was impressed at how he made sure we all adhered to safe practice without being a killjoy!
We were amazed at how a spoon materialized with support, as and when required, by just using an axe and some very sharp knives!
We would certainly recommend this course as a gift for someone or a treat for yourself.

Great day, excellent tutor, beautiful suroundings . Really enjoyed learning how to carve a spoon

A fantastic and inspirational day getting an insight into working with birch bark and ultimately, producing an individual, functional and very beautiful, natural box which I will be using to put my lunch in!
An excellent tutor, with clear instructions and always checking and available to help guide through the process.
Loved it!

Really fascinating to learn about this extraordinary natural material. A well taught course, pleasantly intricate and hugely satisfying to come away with such a lovely object. Thanks Jack!


I recently attended a 'Spoon carving workshop' hosted by Jack of Fazey Woodcraft, and what a great day it was! We were provided with all the necessary tools and equipment, with instruction from Jack into the correct and safe use of each implement. This was followed by an introduction into the properties of the wood used in green woodworking, with particular attention to the piece we were about to craft. The group of willing students was small enough to allow Jack to provide each of us with one-to-one assistance when required, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the rest of the group. His tuition was pitched perfectly for our skill level, in this case mainly newcomers to the art. As we progressed through the day he demonstrated different carving techniques to enable us to complete our task successfully. We all left with our ‘works of art’, with mine requiring a little ‘homework’ to complete the finished look. I slowed towards late afternoon, as I’m not used to working with fine tools for prolonged periods and finger-fatigue began to set in! Nevertheless, I’ll be going back for Jack’s more advanced spoon carving workshop and maybe some of his other workshops too. There’s a world of green woodworking knowledge yet to learn, and I would certainly recommend Fazey Woodcraft as a great starting point for anyone who may be interested.

I couldn't wait for my spoon carving day. Jack was a really good, engaging, thorough teacher. Having a small group was perfect also. He patiently demonstrated and explained all aspects of carving and definitely gave us the confidence to (hopefully) carry on. Thank you Jack!

It turns out that spoon carving is fun. Great fun, and very therapeutic. Five of us spent yesterday celebrating special birthdays with the brilliant Jack from Fazey woodcraft and had such a memorable day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are chuffed that we each have a spoon(like) memento of the day. As long-time friends we usually spend most of our time talking, non-stop. Yesterday at times all you could hear was the (almost) metronomic sound of axe or knife on wood as we focused our attentions on creating our own personal 'masterpieces'.

Jack's technical mastery and the artistry that goes into making a spoon were evident but so were his excellent teaching and communication skills which made the day even more enjoyable. He clearly loves what he does and, with a sense of responsibility combined with fun, is able to inspire that enthusiasm in his novice students too.

I would absolutely recommend Jack and spoon carving. A great day. Thank you Jack.

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