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timber framing & woodwork

We love trees.

We love making things with trees.

We love traditional timber framing, projects which aim to inspire, and take things 'outside the box'.

Whatever your project, give Jack a call to discuss how we can help.



From design and planning, to construction and installation, our small friendly team can help every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on our ‘from tree to building’ process - specialising in green oak and roundwood framing, along with outdoor furniture, fencing, porches, gazebos, pergolas and more.



Almost all the timber used for our projects is sourced right here in Dorset, and with our access to unusual and unique tree surgery ‘waste’, you can be sure the materials for your project have just about as low a carbon footprint as possible.


Call Jack on 07940131759 or get in touch to discuss your project here


milling & timber services

I can supply timber for various projects as required.

Soft & Hardwoods - green & seasoned.

have a tree you need removing?

Have wood you would like milled into boards? 

onsite or off-site milling services can be arranged

get in touch to discuss your requirements

tel : 07940131759

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