Spoon Carving Resources...

I thought I would compile a blog post with what is hopefully lots of useful information for those just getting started in the world of spoon carving. If you've been on a workshop with me, below is all the information we talked about during the day, plus a little more!

I hope you find it helpful.


www.wood-tools.co.uk - Robin Wood & Co. design and make the best, off the shelf beginners (affordable) carving axe available. Highly Recommended.

The crook knifes they make are also great. They do a spoon carving 'set' - Axe and two knives - which is a great place to start.

Mora 106 & 164 - The classic, ultimate spoon carving knives. The 106 sloyd knife is all you need to carve. Its great & will serve you well if you keep it sharp. The crook knife is good, but not the best. Perfect if you're on a budget.

https://www.facebook.com/GaryHackettTools/ - Gary Hacket is a fantastic blacksmith. I own a few of his crook knives which I use daily and wouldn't be without. Very reasonably priced also.

https://nicwestermann.co.uk/ - The one and only Nic Westermann. Considered the best tools by many. Almost impossible to get hold of mind you!